Hard Knox baseball was established in 2004 and has maintained the  goal of developing baseball players who have the goals of playing baseball at the collegate level.  If you have the goal of playing collegate baseball then look no further.  HK baseball has aided in getting players into nore than 50 different college baseball programs all over the United States. 

Hard Knox Baseball  offers College Exposure

Travel Baseball Teams.

Lessons and Practices

Summer Travel Teams

Hard Knox baseball also offers a fall ball program for those who wanna work on their game during the fall season.  Fall baseball offers to those who wanna play tournamnet baseball for extra college exposure. HK also offer both a Varsity and JV  woodbat team in the local Rockford University sunday league.   

'if you are not working then someonelse out there is" HK Work Ethic!

Hard Knox One on One lesson is  the backbone of how HK baseball started.  Individual lessons on hitting, pithcing, fielding, ect. is how you can take your game to the next level.  Teaching players to have quality work ethic at a young age will help  them reach any goals they may set for themselves in life. 

HK Baseball summer travel teams give our players the oppertunity to play against more completetive baseball teams in front of college coaches from all over the country. 

HK Baseball Fall Program